Stocks I Bought, Added, And Want

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In my previous post of stocks I bought I shared that I do love growth stocks and my index funds.  The problem with growth stocks is that it makes your overall portfolio much more volatile.  With Netflix, DDD, and FIG in my Roth IRA last year my return was 83%.  What goes up fast can come down just as quick, as earlier this year when the market dropped 7% my Roth was down 19%.  Ouch. To lower the beta in my portfolio I started buying dividend stocks which holds up well in volatile markets.

Here are some of my previous recommendations.  I bough Linkedin earlier this year at $146 per share, but so far most of my individual picks have been dividend stocks.  I’m getting clobbered on TCS (The Container Store) down 47%, I’m going to sell that at the end of the year to offset my tax liabilities from capital gains.

Whole Foods (WFM)  Price: $38.01   Bought this last Friday its down around 35% this year, as competition in the organic category continues to heat up.  Its still pricey but this is the “cheapest” Whole Foods has been in years, plans to internally finance their growth.  Whole Foods is a cult follwoing and not just organic, I say the stock will rebound to the mid 40s within a year.

Kinder Morgan (KMI) First bought 4/21 $33.88  Added at $38.48   Consolidated all their MLPs under one roof.  Jason at Dividend Mantra has a great write upabout it here.  Stock has a nice pop, but has some good years ahead of it.

My next purchase is SeaDrill (SDRL).  Current price:  #36.71   11% dividend Yield.  Provide oil rigs for deep sea drilling.  Rates are falling and the company just issued some debt.  Usually a high payout means a company is in trouble and most likely the dividend will get cut, but Seadrill is generating cash in excess of the dividend.

A growth stock I’m watching Invensense (INVN).  Should’ve bought at 18, getting too pricey but if it drops to $20 I’m buying,

Triple disclaimer:  These are not recommendations or a solicit to sell or buy shares from anyone.  Damn you lawyers.  Invest at your own risk. I’m posting this so in a few years down the road I can see if I had crappy picks or these stocks helped me towards FI.

Are there any stocks on your watch list?

Life Is Full Of Firsts

firstsfirstsfirstsThe first time I really saw and played in snow was at 22 years old on my first trip to Lake Tahoe.  I’ve seen snow before, but never up close.  For those who think that’s strange I grew up in Hawaii and never traveled much growing up.  I thought it was strange when in college I met people who have never been to the beach.

firstsI remember playing in the snow, building a snowman and making snow angels.  My roommate was embarrased because a grown man was acting like a little kid.  Probably because I also peed in the snow, yeah I’m that guy. That was my first experience in a snow storm with snow chains. 

I’ve had many firsts, first time I went to Vegas and could legally gamble, first time I went on spring break, first time I met up in Vegas with friends from many states, first time I went overseas, and the list goes on and on.  I believed in YOLO and never wanted to miss out, hey I’m only in my 20s once.  At my work we usually shut down the last two weeks in December, everyone goes on vacation or spend time with their families.  That’s usually an expensive time of year between Christmas presents and going on vacation with friends.  It didn’t matter if I couldn’t afford it, I would charge it and carry a balance for 2-3 months.  Once I got my bonus I would just that debt off, then I planned for my next vacation with my tax refund money.  It’s like Christmas coming twice a year!

Never wanted to miss dinner with friends, going on trips or various parties.  Life is full of experiences that I didn’t want to miss out on.  To pay for this lifestyle I put nothing in my retirement for the first two years, and 5% in for the next two years. I couldn’t afford to live like this and expect to save for retirement. There were so many firsts that I wanted to experience and not miss out on.  First time I went to an underground party, first time I went to a concert with 50,000 people.  Now when I look back I don’t even remember half of the “experiences” I wasted my money on. 

When I lived in the moment I thought all these firsts I was experiencing was so important.  What I failed to realize was that life is full of firsts, if I miss out on an event today tomorrow there are many more great experiences.  We don’t have kids yet but I’m looking forward to have my first child, teaching them to walk, taking them to school, having a first birthday.  Looking forward to my first celebratory dinner with my niece when she graduates from college.  My first time hosting family from another state that I havent seen for years.

Life is much easier knowing that if you can’t afford to do something today, you’re not really missing out because there are so many other wonderful moments still waiting to happen.  The next time you see friends doing things on Facebook and you’re in debt or can’t afford to go out, don’t worry because you’re looking forward to being debt free for the first time. For those who aren’t in debt you should be looking forward to be the first of your family for early financial independence.

Do you agree that life is full of firsts?  Are there any firsts in life that you’re looking forward to?



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